I started The Lady Entrepreneur because I wanted to find like-minded business women that were starting  businesses too. 


Hello! Welcome! My name is Alexa Fernandes and I'm the CEO & Founder of The Lady Entrepreneur. My mission in life is to help struggling entrepreneurs breakthrough their emotional barriers in order to build the business they envision.

I bought a brick and mortar store, a laundromat called Lady Bonilla Laundry, in 2009 and found myself looking for like minded entrepreneurs to connect with. Opening a store took a lot out of me but gave me so much in return. I'd love to say that I fearlessly  opened up the laundromat but that's not true. I was riddled with fear, doubt, "Who did I think I was, to open a business without prior business knowledge?!" During the first few months I cried almost everyday, I didn't allow myself to cry in front of the customers but come closing time I was in tears! Things changed for me once I acknowledged my emotions, got clear on my mission, and set myself up with a simple plan. Oh and I started hanging around with like minded entrepreneurs too! The past nine years have taught me so much about business & the power of emotions.  

So welcome my fellow entrepreneur, you are in the right place!  I invite you to read the about me section, so you can start getting to know me. If you need help acknowledging your emotions, getting clear on your mission, and setting up a simple clear plan visit my work with me section or just click here. If you are a powerful, determined, entrepreneur that wants to keep up to  date with all the things we have rolling out this year, join our mailing list to stay in the know. 

Thank you :)