Shut The F*uck Up & Do IT

If I don’t launch my dream business, I might just explode. ’m tired of trying to listen to podcasts that are giving me tips & strategies to grow my business. I’m sick & tired of talking about all my business ideas. I’m sick & tired & sad of being in the position that I’m in right now. One stream of income (that pays every 30 days), I’m overweight at a whopping 208 lbs, I feel like I’m stuck- in business and in my personal life. (I’m currently at home trying to raise Irish twins, run a household, and continue to stop & go with the online courses that I paid for.) I’m fed  up with listening to podcasts & watching youtube videos and not implementing what I’m learning. The resistance is strong in this one. It feels like resistance has taken over my brain and its giving me a list of chores that will never end. Trying to read ALL these books, consume ALL this content, clean the house, cook, take care of my kids, wipe poopie diapers , the list goes on and on. Meanwhile my heart grows despondent and I think to myself, it’s easier to do things that I’m familiar with rather than try to tackle uncharted waters. My throat feels like its closing or like resistance has a choke hold on me. I know what I must do. I don’t have the exact game plan, I don’t have all the answers, my business is far from perfect. But I know, I must start. Shut the fuck up and do it!

My vague game plan is to:

  1. start on the podcast. Talk from the heart. The Lady Entrepreneur Podcast

  2. Put a product or service out there, something that I would buy or attend. Something that I feel like I need at this very moment. Something that I can deliver. An in-person one day seminar that will help you get unstuck and take action on your dream business.

  3. Invest in a tool that will help you laser focus on speaking to your audience via email. ConvertKit because Pat Flynn said so ;)

Podcast Setup:

1- Don’t doubt yourself.

  • You have integrity, grit, and the perseverance to figure it out. You have entrepreneurial knowledge from books and from starting your own brick and mortar business, not all online entrepreneurs can say that.

2- just start.


3- What is The Lady Entrepreneur?

  • A place that creates products & services that improve the lives & businesses of female entrepreneurs. 

  • A place where you can get support in business & life.

4- What’s your personal motivation? What inspired you to start?

  • I want to be the person I needed when I was a kid. A strong, elegant, leader that was also opinionated, kind, empathetic, ambitious, and smart. In other words, a successful business woman.

  • I want to show little girls, like me, the possibilities entrepreneurship can offer. I want to show them that it really is possible to live the life you love.

5- Why did you start The Lady Entrepreneur in the first place? What’s the story behind your business?

  • While starting my first business, Lady Bonilla Laundry, I was shocked to experience a mans perspective on the laundry industry. Emotionless, crass, unkind, ruthless, soul-less. I didn’t want to believe that that was the only way to have a successful business.

  • I was looking for support from like-mined women that were starting their own businesses too.

6- What do you believe in?

  • I believe that emotion is Power.

  • I believe that being “Bossy” is a leadership skill.

  • I believe in kindness with a side of sternness.

  • I believe its possible to live the life you envision.

  • I believe you become what you see.

End Of Episode Help:

There are 3 key steps to getting unstuck:

1- take action, you must have decided that you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. You have amassed a plethora of information, its time to move. 

2- workout. Your body needs to move. Even if you crawl like a lizard across your living room, Check out a guy named Ido Portal. 

3- Connect with like minded women entrepreneurs that are not only in the same position as you but are sic and tired of being sick and tired. That are done with the excuses, even though mine are good ones ;)

Seminar Setup:

  1. This class is for an intimate group of Lady Entrepreneurs that know what must be done in order to launch their businesses but are feeling the severe effects of resistance, in other words.. STUCK.

  2. You took the classes, read the books, took some action but never really fully gave your business your full effort & commitment to consistent action. Why? You have too much on your plate? Bills, kids, a household, an aging family member? You don’t have time? What happens when you finally do have a little time? Who creeps in? Fear? Doubt? Insecurities? Fear of failure ? How about fear of success?

  3. Look, I can describe what your fears and frustrations are because they are mine too. The only difference between us is that I’m taking action. The truth is the only way to walk past the fear is to take consistent action. I don’t have everything perfect but I know what my vision is, who I want to serve, and why ( thanks Marie Forleo ;)

I’m starting to see the possibilities

I decided to work today out of a coworking space and it’s proven to be quite productive! I’m taking a quick break to reflect, surrender and take a selfie lol. I’m grateful for the opportunities & resources the universe has provided. I’m not sure if I’m enjoying working on a Sunday or if I’m enjoying what I’m working on. Whatever it is, it feels good, it feels like home. I’m starting to really see the possibilities!!

#ItsPossible #RiseOfTheLadyEntrepreneur #Surrender #ThankYou #believe 


Believe & Hire a Business coach

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with trying to decide what to do with my life. As a passionate entrepreneur I need to do what comes naturally to me- helping entrepreneurs with their businesses . As an adult with adult responsibilities I need to help provide for my family. It comes down to this.. I need to live the life I believe is possible AND make money. I’m all for helping entrepreneurs with their businesses but I need to start making money. It’s not all about the dough but I can’t function in an adult world without it. So, I sit here and think (as I’m feeding my baby) I need to start with a plan. As much as I’d love to hire a business coach, I can’t afford that right now. Then it hits me.. on September 22, 2015 I hired a business coach!! Nicole Walters (@napturalnicole ) gave me a detailed step by step plan to monetize my business. She gave me steps, resources and solid- practical business advice. I’ve had this information since 2015!!! Unbelievable!! What’s even more unbelievable is that her advice is still relevant and totally doable!! I guess I wasn’t ready to receive it back then- that’s not the case now!It makes me realize that it really is possible to live the life you love ❤️ So, I’m off to write down and implement my plans for The Lady Entrepreneur!! Wish me luck and stay tuned - you’re witnessing the Rise Of The Lady Entrepreneur!! #ItsPossible #Believe #IAmTheLadyEntrepreneur


It’s possible to live the life you love or is it.?

I have achieved a level of peace in my personal life. I’m grateful for the abundance of blessings bestowed upon me. I’m aware that what is meant to be will be. There is nothing anyone can do to change that. So I surrender with a grateful heart and peaceful soul.

That being said I’m not as content in my business life. I need another business or I need to go back to being a flight attendant. I’m searching for an income generating business that makes me smile- the way I’m smiling in this picture. I need to do what I love. I love business. I love making money. I love helping people. I love putting people to work. I love solving problems. I love talking. And I love love love telling & hearing stories. I love love love being inspired and I relish in helping inspire others. Oh and I can’t forget my love for traveling!! I’m going to pray for the clarity and focus I need to make my dreams come true. After all, it’s possible to live the life you love! #ItsPossible #RiseOfTheLadyEntrepreneur #Believe


Ready For Lift Off

I’m feeling a little uninspired, unmotivated & overwhelmed but looking at these pictures of my boys brings a smile to my face & light into my heart. Being a mom & an entrepreneur is really hard work. A typical day involves caring for them and trying to make time for myself & my endeavors. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the many blessings in my life and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’m feeling like a rocket that’s about to take off. Before a rocket lifts off there’s a lot of noise and parts that shake. That part describes my life, right now. I’m optimistic that things are about to take off. The Lady Entrepreneur is coming together and I truly believe that the podcast will help launch it. I’ll continue to #pray for the #strength and #clarity to continue to move forward. I have a feeling #2018 will be a great year!! #Believe #Rocket #RiseOfTheLadyEntrepreneur


Welcoming the New Year 2018 with my boys