What is a Lady Entrepreneur?”

Synonyms: mogul, magnate, tycoon

Synonyms: mogul, magnate, tycoon


Haayy Lady! Welcome!

My name is Alexa Fernandes and I started The Lady Entrepreneur because I was looking for like-minded women that were starting their own businesses too.

You see, at some point durning late 2008, I had the bright idea of starting the type of laundry service that I would love. After much research, some luck, lots of tears, lots of money, and loads of resistance I finally opened Lady Bonilla Laundry in 2009.

I'd love to say that I fearlessly  opened up the laundromat but that's not true.

I was riddled with fear, doubt, "Who did I think I was, to open a business without prior business knowledge?!" “Your just a flight attendant” Despite my fears, I worked through the problems that come with opening a store. Wouldn’t you know that we ran that store successfully from September 2009 till March 2017, 8 years!!

These 3 things changed my mindset and got me focused:

  1. I acknowledged my emotions AND moved passed them.

  2. I got clear on my mission, my why.

  3. I set myself up with a simple plan.

I thought motherhood and settling down would rid me of my need to have a business, boy was I wrong! It’s sparked my entrepreneurial genes to maximum drive!

Now I’m going to apply the same principles I applied to my first business, a brick & mortar laundromat, to starting an online business. How hard can it be?! lol

Soooooo welcome my fellow entrepreneur, you are in the right place! I hope to provide you with a different level of service, one that makes you feel proud of being a Lady Entrepreneur!

If you need help acknowledging your emotions, getting clear on your mission, and setting up a simple clear plan visit my work with me section or just click here.

You’ve made it this far, say it with me.. I am The Lady Entrepreneur. Join me and some of my friends for an experience you won’t soon forget!