Believe & Hire a Business coach

It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with trying to decide what to do with my life. As a passionate entrepreneur I need to do what comes naturally to me- helping entrepreneurs with their businesses . As an adult with adult responsibilities I need to help provide for my family. It comes down to this.. I need to live the life I believe is possible AND make money. I’m all for helping entrepreneurs with their businesses but I need to start making money. It’s not all about the dough but I can’t function in an adult world without it. So, I sit here and think (as I’m feeding my baby) I need to start with a plan. As much as I’d love to hire a business coach, I can’t afford that right now. Then it hits me.. on September 22, 2015 I hired a business coach!! Nicole Walters (@napturalnicole ) gave me a detailed step by step plan to monetize my business. She gave me steps, resources and solid- practical business advice. I’ve had this information since 2015!!! Unbelievable!! What’s even more unbelievable is that her advice is still relevant and totally doable!! I guess I wasn’t ready to receive it back then- that’s not the case now!It makes me realize that it really is possible to live the life you love ❤️ So, I’m off to write down and implement my plans for The Lady Entrepreneur!! Wish me luck and stay tuned - you’re witnessing the Rise Of The Lady Entrepreneur!! #ItsPossible #Believe #IAmTheLadyEntrepreneur