The Marie Forleo Effect

The Marie Forleo Effect.

Marie Forleo is launching a book and with that she’s launching a book tour and with that she’s inadvertently launching what will be known as The Lady Entrepreneur. 

I’m currently a stay at home mom with one stream of my own income and my husbands’ income. We have two boys that are both under the age of three, they’re 11 months apart. 

I have an unsatiating desire to learn, grow, connect, and live a life that is full of passion, abundance, and peace. I love love love the stories of Lady Entrepreneurs like, Madam CJ Walker, Mary Kay Ash, Annie Turnbo Malone Pope, Esteé Lauder and Brownie Wise to name a few. I love being inspired and motivated by their struggles, triumphs, and accomplishments. 

I don’t know how I’m going to make a living telling these stories, perhaps I’ll write my own. I know for sure, that I love connecting with Lady Entrepreneurs and hearing their stories. I don’t have a business model and I don’t have a product or service that I can fully stand behind- yet. 

I signed up for B-School and have yet to complete it because I haven’t figured out a business revenue model. So for now, I have a glorified hobby. I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again, can inspiration be a revenue model? 

You’re probably wondering what does Marie Forleo have to do with this? Good question, I’m wondering the same thing :) I can relate to her because one, she’s a Jersey Girl. Two, she’s a Lady Entrepreneur. Three, she’s living her dream, doing what she loves AND making money doing it. Through her I see that it’s truly possible to live the live you love. I believe deep down in my heart that if she can do it, so can I! 

Confession time:

I bought tickets to her Everything Is Figureoutable Experience in NYC, five tickets. I also bought tickets to all of her book tour stops, except for L.A because tickets don’t go on sale until 9am. I know what you’re thinking, because it crossed my mind too… stalker! 

I’m not a stalker. I’m in search of inspiration. I’m in search of something amazing. I’m in search of my life. My passion. My life work. 

My plan:

My plan is to give away the tickets to the “experience” in NYC, to four lucky listeners. I launched a podcast called “The Lady Entrepreneur Podcast” but I haven’t followed through and only released two episodes. My goal is to launch weekly content for and by Lady Entrepreneurs. I want to share the stories of the Lady Entrepreneurs of the past and present with the hopes of inspiring future Lady Entrepreneurs. 

For the book tour dates my plan is to connect and record the stories of real life Lady Entrepreneurs in the cities where the tour stops. I want to host meet-ups after the events to connect and share our stories. 

You’re probably wondering what I’m going to do with the signed copies of the books. I’m going to give away the copies to some lucky subscribers of my youtube channel. Yep, I have a youtube channel with 3 subscribers lol. My plan for the channel is the same as for the podcast, weekly content for and by Lady Entrepreneurs. 

So, I’ve shared with you my audacious goals. I bought tickets so I HAVE to make this happen. It’s not perfect and I haven’t figured all the details just yet. I do have passion. I do have resilience. I do have tenacity. Most of all I have the chutzpah to make this happen. I’m not afraid of hard work. 

I’m emboldened by my belief that the universe, god, my ancestors, and well wishers are rooting for me. They are consipiring to help me make this a reality. 

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You can see me succeed or fail, either way you’re in for a treat. My social media handle is @TheLadyTrep 

Thank you for reading. Thank you for sharing. What are your audacious goals? 

Alexa Fernandes