"There is a special kind of power in emotion"

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My story

I was an emotional & bossy kid that was raised in Newark, NJ, and didn't realise that I was a natural born entrepreneur until I was forced to find an outlet for my grief.

I was born emotional and not until I became an entrepreneur did I realise the true power in emotions. As a kid, if you looked at me I would cry, if you didn't look at me, yup you guessed it, I would cry. It seems like I cried over everything, I'm surprised I have any tears left!!  As a kid, if my mom told us to do something, I would figure out how to boss my older brother around to do it. (Sorry Juan) When I got older, I figured out how to boss the whole family around- I swear it was with good intentions ;) It took me becoming an entrepreneur to realise that being bossy is actually a leadership skill!   

I started in the airline industry in 1997, as a customer service agent, and began traveling the world. It was apparent to me, very quickly, that traveling was my passion!! As with all things that are my passion, I figured out a way to incorporate them into my life.  So at the end of 2002 I applied to be a Flight Attendant with JetBlue Airways and began a career that would span nearly ten years.  I couldn't believe I had figured out a way to get paid while I sunbathed on the beaches of Puerto Rico, Aruba, and the Dominican Republic.

I learned a lot in my time as a flight attendant, about the world, about people, but most importantly about myself.   The most important thing I learned was that on the airplane- just like in life- you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself first. You can not help others without helping yourself first. With that lesson learned, I felt free enough to listen to my heart's calling and it didn't include being a flight attendant. So in October 2012 I left my stable, benefits providing, job to pursue my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

So, there you have my story. Emotional, bossy, determined, entrepreneur. Oh and how can I forget?! I'm now a mommy, a wife, a believer in miracles, and a budding podcaster!  

So this is my invitation to you to join me on my entrepreneurial journey. My mission is simple, my vision is clear, and my intentions are to help! 

Thanks for reading, I hope my story helps inspire you to take action!  

It's possible to live the life you envision!!