Work with me

Step 1: Exploratory Session: $99

  • Have you been thinking  about possibly starting a business but you have some doubts & fears surrounding your idea? 
  • Are you not sure what you want to do but you know you want to start something? Let's talk & figure it out! 
  • Do you already have a business but feel stuck? I want to know at what stage is your business at? Are you just starting, are you established, are you looking to grow? What's really holding you back? 
  • I also want to check in with you emotionally, where's your head  at? Do you truly believe it's possible to live the life you love? Is this really what you want to do? What's really holding you back? Are you afraid of success? 
  • Lets have a no pressure conversation with you about you & your business.
  • Are you ready? Take a deep breath and click here to book your session!

Step 2: Follow Up Session: $144

  • By this step you'll have a clearer vision of what you want to accomplish. Insert happy dance!!
  • I want to check in with  you,  to see where our initial session lead you.
  • Acknowledge the feelings and issues that came up and help you move past them. 
  • What's your mission in life? Are you building a business around it?
  • What's your story? Sometimes, your story lies within your hurt. Meaning your pain could be your story.
  • We're going to get clear on your mission because once you're clear it makes it easier to build the business you envision!
  • If I did my job right, you're looking for the button to book now. This is it! 

Step 3: Strategy Session: $350

  • By this step we are clear on your compelling story, your life's mission, & you have your emotions in check.
  • Now we're ready to work!!
  • In this session we'll develop a Simple. Strategic. Practical. Game Plan to get your business up and running!!
  • Book now! You got this!! 




"There's a special kind of power in emotions"